Lizard Quadra Pack v1.0.0.0


This pack contains 5 Square Bale Grabber. There is a possibility to select the closing mode with the "G" key.
Lizard Quadra 2B
Price: 2780€
Capacity: 2 Bales
Weight: 495kg

Lizard Quadra 2BT
Price: 2650€
Capacity: 2 Bales
Weight: 505kg

Lizard Quadra 3B
Price: 3750€
Capacity: 3 Bales
Weight: 785kg

Lizard Quadra 4B
Price: 5850€
Capacity: 4 Bales
Weight: 985kg

Lizard Quadra 4BT
Price: 5960€
Capacity: 4 Bales
Weight: 1027kg




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