Oberbayern 2022 v1.0.0.0


Conversion of the original Upper Bavaria from the LS19
Welcome to Upper Bavaria!
The growth does not stop at the heart of Bavaria.
More and more people are moving from the big cities to the countryside, more and more shops and businesses are opening.
The old farmers no longer have the strength to continue and therefore sell their farms.
This is your chance. Now it's up to you to provide the populace with what they need. Buy the right machines and fields and show what you're made of.
You have a free hand. All farmsteads and their equipment can be rebuilt at will.

-32 ground angles
-7 fully pre-built yards
-1 large BGA with XXL silos
-Buying station for seeds, fertilizer, lime, liquid fertilizer, pesticides and salt
-all productions placed on the map

The map is a conversion of the original map from the LS19. We edited the following:
-all outlets newly built except for land trade
- all trees lifted out of the ground and the scaling set correctly
-Many new splines for AI traffic and pedestrians
-all productions from the LS22 installed
-Fields sorted from top left to bottom right
-added many small decorative things

Instructions of the map !!! PLEASE NOTE !!!
The courtyards are completely prebuilt.
Each farm also received a farm ID directly.
So you MUST buy and set up the farms in the right order.
Farm 1 buys the land from Farm 1, Farm 2 buys the land from Farm 2 etc etc.
So that you know which terrain belongs to which farm,
are entered on the overview map/PDA numbers at the farms.

Support is only via Discord at:
Join the Glammi85 Discord Server!
Check out the Glammi85 community on Discord - hang out with 74 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
This map is our first major project as a modding beginner.
We hope you have as much fun with the map as we do.
G4T-Modding aka Glammi85, TobiRol, x4getx, Ragman2414 wish you lots of fun and success.
This map is suitable for PC!

The following mods are required so that you can fully use the courtyards.
- Bavarian Hofpack 1 by BernieSCS
- Bavarian Hofpack 2 by Bernie SCS
- Hessian Hofpack by Bernie SCS
- More animal enclosures from Modelleicher


Sixties Hias: Original modder of the map from the LS19, thank you for the release to edit and publish the map
Grünfelder Land Modding Team: Thank you very much for the Lidl plus shopping cart
Real death: Thank you for the weekly market
FED: Thank you for the Vehicle Shop buildings
Aekzl: Thank you very much for the active support and the numerous pieces of advice!

Map Maker:
G4T Modding aka Glammi85, TobiRol, x4Getx, Ragman2414
G4T gaming


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