Pack DT-75 v1.0.0.1


Changes v1.0.0.1:

- Fixed the sound when the hire is working, removed the inclusion of you;

- Fixed the hitch;

- Fixed AI;

- Increased unloading speed of all loaders;

- Fixed Fill Volume on PTS-77;

- The configuration of tension belts was added to the forks for logs;

- On the DT-75, FoliageBending was added for tracks and the track width was fixed;

- Minor fixes and improvements.

- Power: 66 kW / 90 hp;

- Speed: 12 km/h;

- Fuel tank capacity: 315 liters.;

- Cost: 15,000 €;

- Selection of the main color;

- Choice of hood color;

- Roof color selection;

- Choice of radiator grille color;

- Choice of exhaust pipe color;

- Selection of the color of the bulldozer cylinders;

- Choice of the color of the bulldozer's zishchita;

- Loader color selection;

- Choosing the color of the rinks;

- Engine color selection;

- Configuration of tracks;

- Configuration of engine flaps;

- Configuration of wings;

- Counterweight configuration;

- Exhaust pipe configuration;

- Configuration of the air filter;

- Configuration of the tool box;

- Bulldozer protection configuration;

- Configuration of oil pan protection;

- Configuration of mudguards;

- Configuration of additional lighting;

- Mounting configuration;

- Sequence number configuration;

- Co-op sticker configuration;

- License plate configuration;

- Animated instruments, ignition key, pedals, levers, mudguards;

- Working lighting equipment;

- Leaves traces;

- Gets dirty and washes;

- Aging effect;

- Support for "Interactive Control";

- Loaders included: PTS-77, PFP-1.2, TO-7, HDPE -250; Mounted: Counterweight, Wide and ordinary dumps, Bucket, Pitchforks for logs, Pitchforks for manure.



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