2024 DODGE RAM 3500 MEGA CAB (FIXED) v1.0.0.0


This was released on here about a week ago maybe more. The truck had a lot of small things wrong with it.

- Fixed the see through interior, Door, Floor & dashboard when in first person

- Added an engine (let me know if textures are correct)

- Fixed the wiper blades sitting on the dash

- Fixed the steering wheel (blackkk24v from Tri-state did it)

- FixedGas, brake & clutch placement

- Fixed Uconnect image

Many more to come but honestly I've lost the motivation to work on this truck

Next updates

- Remove all UGLY tire & rim setups

- Fix tail-lights

- Full add on IC

- Grill options

- Fix one hitch option not connecting

_ Fix the big hitch hitting ground


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