R5 Modding Utils Open Beta v1.1.1.0


This is the first open beta release of the modding utilities.

[Fix] Version 1.1.1
Added script package for GE 9.0.6.

Modding-Utils is a comprehensive software suite specifically designed for modding and mapping in LS.
This application contains some integrated software tools and GE scripts that are intended to simplify modding and mapping.
The heart of this version is the RoadConstructor open beta. This makes it possible to create roads based on splines.
This version includes the following software tools and GE scripts:

Launcher V1.5.0:
Lists available software tools
Integrated script installer & updater
Integrated asset manager:
Allows you to manage prefabs in the map/mod project (currently only Raptor5's own assets)
Integrated updater & logger

RoadConstructor Open Beta:
Creates road segments based on a spline and user parameters

GE scripts:
R5Utils.lua (helper functions for other scripts)
R5TerrainUtils (helper functions for other scripts)
R5FoliageUtils (helper functions for other scripts)
SplineToCoord (Creates an XML file for the RoadConstructor, allows terrain and foliage adjustments along the spline)
DirtRoadCreator (Creates dirt roads along a spline, terrain layer & foliage painting)


Geschaffen von Raptor5 mit einer Mischung aus Hass, Liebe und Kaffee.

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Commented on 2024-05-25 18:42:30

mais ce script et génial mec merci

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