Road Maintenance Pack v1.3.0.0


Changelist V1.3.0.0
-Added a new warning system
-Prices for configurations changed
-Bug Fixes (Many)
-Doors can now be opened
-Page parts can be opened with the x button
-Interactive control added when opening the pages
-Fixed that the console displayed errors (that was the sign at the back)
-Fixed error when folding up the warning board

- Price: 20,550
- Power: 200 and 160

Change list V1.1.0.0
Experience the impressive MercedesSprinter_Pack from Bauhof-Mattis, Baustellengigant-moding, Edward's Modding, which is now available for download.
This elegant and powerful vehicle is waiting for you to drive on the virtual roads.
With a performance of 200Km and 160km.

Original model from Edwards_Modding

Visit me on Discord Server (New link):
Or visit me on my YouTube channel:

Editing and re-uploading this mod is not permitted!


Ersteller Baustellengigant-moding, Bauhof-Mattis, Edwards Moding,Torben s

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