T.F.S VOLVO EWR150E V1.0.0.0


Terra Farm Settings for VOLVO EWR150E V1.0.0.0 by Virion


-The mod VOLVO EWR150E V1.0.0.0 by Virion

-TerraFarm Mod installed

-Notepad++ or similar

-WinRar / WinZip

- Extract the content of the Terrafarm modfile (FS22_Terrafarm.zip), open the extracted files and find the folder "xml_configurations"

- Copy the file "Volvo EWR150E.xml" from this archive into the "xml_configurations" folder.

- In the same folder, find and open up the file Index.xml - (preferrably inside Notepad++).

- Add the following as a new line on the bottom or top of <configurations>

<entry>Volvo EWR150E.xml</entry>

like so:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>


<entry>Volvo EWR150E.xml</entry>

- Go back to the main folder of the Terrafarm modfile you extracted, and select all files.

- Then add files to archive / zip it back to the original Terrafarm modfile. (same name as the folder, with .zip as file extension)

Now TerraFarm is be enabled for the bucket that comes with the EWR150E, you're welcome :)ž




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