Tilapia breeder in the water tank and reservoir v3.0.0.0


Tilapia breeder in the water tank and reservoir
the mod comes with 2 tilapia farming options and a concrete mixer for fish feed and 1 point of sale
The mod is in the factories
To make the food, it's very simple, just add the ingredients, which are soy, mineral supplement and fish, which are the fish.
And For breeding, there are 2 options in the pond or in the water tank, both with the same food and both with 2 options for tilapia that are fed with mineral supplements and feed and that are fed with soy, wheat, corn and mineral supplements.
for better immersion you need the terrafarm mod for more realism in Acude

Good fun everyone
- Price: tilapia in box 40,000

Tilapia pond 40,000
Feed concrete mixer 20,000



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