Vauxhall KC3 Sugar Beet/Potato Harvester with Large Headers V3.4.4.7


Vauxhall KC3

I am pleased to announce the release of my KC3 harvester!

Full of features including body paint options and hub colour options.

Choose one of 3 large capacities to help you with harvesting.

Advanced braking - the more you load, the longer your stopping distance.

Towing capability - Tow trailers behind your harvester and detach and unload into them, then off you go again! Would HIGHLY recommend downloading my high capacity root-veg trailer available here:

2x large headers - one for sugar beet, one for potatoes - Shrink down to 4.6m for driving around, extend to 12.5m when ready to harvest.

Special feature

In the words of the great Homer J Simpson "I want a horn here, here and here. You can never find a horn when you're mad! And they should all play La-Cucaracha!" - Yes, the KC3 now has 2 air horns that blast out La-Cucaracha when you press and hold the horn button!




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