Under The Black Flag Texture Pack 1.7.4


I absolutely love this Texture Pack. The packs textures are designed based on the extraordinary game; Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag. The game itself is great, and i’m currently still playing through it. However, from looking at the textures in this Texture Pack and viewing images from various sources I can see a lot of similarities and not to mention a huge amount of detailed, spot on artwork. This Texture Pack is like no other, and has never been done like this before. It really does achieve what the artist of the pack wanted, and it introduces a new kind of theme to the game of Minecraft!


  1. Great new, smooth textures.
  2. An awesome change in game textures and theme.
  3. Medium resolution texture, only a small change in LAG addition.


  1. Textures are quite dark.
  2. Requires a patcher.
  3. Some additional LAG increase.


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