World War 1 Texture Pack 1.7.4


The World War 1 Texture Pack is a war themed pack, much like you probably figured out from the title itself.  It transforms the world of Minecraft into a olive drab and muddy brown setting that really creates a different atmosphere.  The tone shifts from bright and cheery to a darker and more harsh looking landscape.  This might not sound appealing but what it does is create a really moody landscape for those players who want a more realistic pack.  This is great for servers with installed war based mods like guns or vehicles and lends itself well to large, sprawling war games.

  • World War 1 themed pack is highly detailed.
  • Great tone and atmosphere.
  • 16 x 16 pack is twice the standard resolution.


Pros: I really see this pack being highly regarded for fans of war games and shooting action on servers.  A great dark and moody pack that really makes it feel like you are in the heat of battle!

Cons: This pack has recently been updated after a long time being dormant, but it is still incomplete so it will be missing some textures.

  • Made Mud from Soul Sand and changed Wooden Sword to Knife.
  • Retextured the Birch Wood and Name Tag.
  • Updated the pack to 1.7.4


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