AC Cobra v1.0


Promised thing, due thing, I showed you some images on the Facebook page of Simulagri to reveal the integration via the import tool of an old AC Cobra. What purpose ? Just show you the ability of Pure Farming to integrate any 3D model, as you could see in my video presentation.
Just for fun and to make your hand

This vehicle, atypical for a game for an agricultural simulation, does not have the real technical or physical characteristics of a real sports car. I leave you this template only for testing purposes. It is not finished. You can edit it, edit it, texture it (because I did not do it). To do this, simply download THIS ZIP FILE in the directory indicated in the image below, and unzip it.

After launching the game, simply go to the "importer" menu, choose [AC Cobra v2] and click on the "+" sign to add it. That's all !

From tomorrow, you will find on the Youtube channel (Subscribe to the passage) a series of tutorials to convert a mod Farming Simulator to Pure Farming. And since many of you are a fan of green and yellow, I will begin by converting this mod JD serie 6R. You'll see it's childish if you have some basics of 3D.


Bruno Giacobbé

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