Find out which animals you’ll be raising in Pure Farming 2018


Raising livestock is one of the ways you can earn money to use to expand your farm in Pure Farming 2018.
You can buy animals as infants and then you will need to feed them and care for them until they become adults, which is generally when they start producing resources that you can sell. In gameplay terms, it means you need to consider the cost of buying and raising your animals, knowing that they will generate a return for you later on.
Read on to see which animals are currently in the game and get an idea of how you’ll be raising them when Pure Farming 2018 launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 13, 2018.

Infant: 1-6 days
Adult: 7-50 days
Old adult: 51-79 days
Death: 80+ days
Cows produce milk but first you will need to buy them as calves and raise them to adulthood, which is when you’ll be able to milk them.
They live in barns and on pastures, and you can feed them hay, grass or a mixture of the two. You can also buy synthetic feed, which will save you time versus mowing the grass in your meadows, but this will make your cows less productive.
Their milk will be stored in an underground silo and then you can transport it to the dairy to sell using a tanker. Cows also produce liquid and solid manure that can be stored in underground silos, and then used to fertilize your fields or to generate Biofuel and generate money.
When the cow reaches the end of its life, it’s time to take the trip to the slaughterhouse where they can be sold for meat.

Infant: 1-10 days
Adult: 11-30 days
Old adult: 31-89 days
Death: 90+ days
Pigs are kept in a sty and are fed with either synthetic feed or potatoes, which you’ll need to pour into a special potato steamer to make them ready to eat.
Pigs can be sold for meat and, when they reach the end of their natural life, you can transport them to the slaughterhouse using the Galucho Transcow trailer for moving livestock.

Infant: 1-2 days
Adult: 3-20 days
Old adult: 21-39 days
Death: 40+ days
Once you build a Poultry House you can keep chickens and gather their eggs each day. You can then take the eggs to the Farm Shop to sell them.

Infant: 1 day
Adult: 2-5 days
Old adult: 6-7 days
Death: 8+ days
You can have up to 36 rabbits in your warren and your responsibility is to feed them until they reach adulthood (one in-game day) and then you can sell them.

Infant: 1-10 days
Adult: 11-30 days
Old adult: 31-89 days
Death: 90+ days
Sheep are only available on the Germany Map, which is free for everyone who preorders the game. You can read more about how to raise them in our look at the Germany Map.


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