Comments by AKTheSavag

2 years ago

<p>I have no affiliation with him. I paid for this mod, so I can do with it what i will as i now own it.</p>

<p>Blades CX11 Car Hauler works very well. Not sure who pissed in your cereal?</p>

<p>Come on people... If you're going to trash talk, at least spell your words correctly...<br><br>It makes you look even More stupid when you try to talk trash, but can't spell simple words.... lmf...

<p>I could not get the trigger to unload the Concrete at the houses. has that issue been fixed?</p>

<p>Both files are the same. They're both the Cat_797B. So there's no loader, only the Dump truck</p>

<p>This thing sucks. Not worth the Download. Rear tires sink into the ground, no interior, hacked up vehicle model. </p>