Old Timers 22 V1.0.0.1


Hello everybody and welcome to Old Timers 22.  Nulti-Fruit some with custom equipment in our categories.  Custom factories and peaceables.  Few sale points to start you off and plenty of room to make your farm your own.  Special thanks to our tester crew Buck Lonestar SargNZ Crazy Granny Darth NerfHearder Brando Papa Smurf And his Test crew and JnJ Mods,  Special thanks to our Facebook supporters you guys are awesme enjoy the map CHEERS!!!!!


Added Precision Farming

Fixed some visuals

The game crashing issue we couldnot find but changing your game graphic setting seemed to fix the issue.

New save game is needed


Cazz64, O.A.G, Buck, Lonestar

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