Solo's XVM Config


My personal config that I had been using for years. All credits go to "Seryich" for the idea.
This XVM config enhances Minimap, HitLog, PlayerPanel

NOTE! This Config requires Tank Icons. (Which are included in "icons" folder and have to installed manually.)

What's Inside the zip
res_mods - main folder containing the config and XVM mod
fonts - contains fonts required t
icons - config requires tank icons (these are my favorite)

I highly recommend to install this config on a clean client.
1. Install fonts from the" fonts" folder. Double click on each and click install. (Restart is recommended)
2. Copy "res_mods" folder into World_of_tanks folder
3. You also must install tank icons. I you have them already great skip this step if you don't from folder "icons" copy res_mods folder into World_of_tanks folder



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