Prerunner Support Truck + Trailer v1.0


Features: - Custom cantilever rear suspension with four coilovers that fits under the Upfit. -Two trailer configurations, either with a retractable platform or with a decommissioned ambulance box. -Two variants of the Crew-Cab D45 truck: a giant dock / dock rig, a sporty Solid Axle 4x4 and a decommissioned Upfit ambulance turned into a camper, and a Saboteur, a tow truck from a redneck's dream, stripped of all unnecessary weight, with Pre-runner IFS and Supercharged V8 to take your racing truck from the most distant places at astonishing speed. Note: To manually Retract / Extend Trailer Legs, use Shift + PgUp and Shift + PgDown.



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