Hall Packet v1.0


Hi there ..!
Now to 2.Mod Today.
Or rather, this is not just a building but there is a packet and it consists of several halls.
For Packet ansich it must first and foremost I like myself, so told in advance who does not want it is not a musses to shop.
There are many individual halls for a yard to play with this can put together yourself.
Are included.
A cowshed of already adapted so is that of the trough out of the original game exactly fits into this one.
Further, a fence with in the already created finished by me in which a canopy with at is purely fits under the Tog is in the orginal game out to pasture here again.
The willow and the canopy is also once again individually in the packet with at making everyone of this mod loads down can create his own pasture.
At the cowshed even further garaging options and straw or hay are soils.
Then there is an unloading point for the fruits that want to store your on your yard. At the unloading point is also a passage in which you can install the supersilo trigger.
A seed and fertilizer hall is inserted also in the Intended shelters for your pallets or the fertilizer tank.
Then I grabbed two more warehouses with pure where I deliver you even 2.einzelne Planning with.
And more halls for your fleet.
But look for yourself in the pictures.
If this mod is set to other forums then please contact the orginal download link.
So now I really hope that the people who have the mod download also fun to it.
Criticism is welcome but please only to Mod
Devin Mfg.



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