NC Engineering 41ft bale trailer v1.1 Spudsbox


Hello LS community,
here I have a patch for the

This patch extends the bale trailers for the automatic loading of 14 pallets wool and 14 tree seedling pallets (forest-Mod).

Danger !!!
This is not the complete trailer, but only the patched files !!!
These files contained in the download copy in the zip archive (main folder) of said ball pendant, finished! For safety, maybe make a copy of the original files.
Please any problems with the trailer not post here, because this is a mod of another modder who has nothing to do with my modification!
The patch may be available for download in other forums, but please only with the original link!!!
Have fun with it...

NC Engineering 41ft bale trailer


Mattxjs (FS-UK AgentObsidian), Sotillo (Adrian FMC), Peter (Petorious), Sven777b, Bassaddict, Steve007, Marhu

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