LSFM Universal Tankpack v1.0.0.9


Universal tank pack, storage and transport of various liquids.



2 placeable hose connectors (small/large) added to the pack. This means it is now possible to use the Hof Bergmann hose system on other maps

The placeable connections can be found in the construction menu under Miscellaneous/Tools. In order for the refueling/unloading to work properly, it is necessary to place it at a liquid trigger so that the LSFM tank trailer can easily reach the trigger when the hose is connected. The hoses are connected using a simple attacher system, as is also known from trailers. All you have to do is find the right point so that you stand correctly.

Note on the Manual Attach Mod: The coupling works but the hoses are not shown, problem unknown.

Correction of the fill level display on the tandem trailer, which was only 4 digits

Shop category changed from vehicles to trailers/tools (since this pack is more about trailers, that fits better)

Known from the LS19 now available for the LS22.

Here in a revised version, with new sounds and several wheel configs.

The LSFM Universal Tank Pack is primarily used to transport various liquids, but some tanks can also be converted to spread liquid manure. It should be noted that the lid must be open for some actions.

The animated discharge effects have been removed until there is a solution to implement them again.



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