Straw Processing v1.0.0.0


With this production it is possible to make hats, bags or straw crates.
It is possible to purchase a warehouse for the storage of the pallets created.
A point of sale is available for purchase with which you can sell the products.

Straw Processing
Price: $ 70.000
Daily Upkeeps: $ 100

Price: $ 30.000
Daily Upkeeps: $ 20
Product Capacity: 200.000 For Each Product

Sell Point
Price: $ 500
Daily Upkeeps: $ 0



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Commented on 2023-07-02 16:05:00

If you look at picture no. 5. If there are two misses set up to be taken away, then the maturity of the game seems. Then the boxes and straw hats as picture no. 1 come to the actual maturity, Was very happy when I found out then it worked out the way I thought. Highly recommend it.

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