Here it come. A huge improvement based on FS19 original TATRA.

The models are all from Giants and other excellent mod. Base on that I have made a lot of adjustments to both the model and texture to match the Tatra chassis and reduce appearance defects. Now it has a realistic tube beam suspension, numerous ic buttons and animation. Fully adjusting various suspension parameters to provide you with a more comfortable off-road driving experience.

-Recommended mod:
    Interactive Control
    Universal Autoload
    Vehicle Sleeper Cab
    Central Warehouse Pack
    Color Configurator

-Swap body support:

    Bulk Truck Bed Pack  by Bcbuhler

Please refer to the preview image for the characteristics and purpose of the vehicles and trailers in this pack. The rest of the details are left to you to explore.

Notice: Several scripts are integrated in this file just for convenience. Including Auto Turn Off Turn Lights, Lock Steering Axles. If you don't need them, you could delete the corresponding script files and the corresponding code in modDesc.xml at any time.

Free to share.


-Added 4x4 Spreader with front 3 point attacher for spraying roadsalt. However, due to game mechanics limitations, it can only be used for spraying roadsalt, not fertilizer or lime.

-SkinnedMeshes have been added to its mudguard to allow it to swing. The rubber sleeves on the suspension now also have a realistic deformed appearance.

-Fixed the triggering box of the tensionbelt to prevent trucks from occupying too much space and obstructing other AI vehicles.

-The suspension height of all vehicles has been reduced by 0.05 meters to reduce the V-shaped appearance of the wheels.

Due to network issues, I could only reply to comments on this website:




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Commented on 2023-09-14 14:48:57

А то что он груженный переворачивается исправил!?

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Commented on 2023-09-14 16:21:37

are such modifications not planned ? tatra and volvo?

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Commented on 2023-09-14 17:39:34

Mi amigo, estos mods estan excelentes pero los he eliminado porque tienen errores de textura en el log. y eso da lag y tironeos. Seria mejor y muy bueno que los repares. es una lastima que tan hermoso mod lo tenga que descartar por esos errores.
My friend, these mods are excellent but I have deleted them because they have texture errors in the log. and that causes lag and jerking. It would be better and very good if you repaired them. It's a shame that such a beautiful mod has to be discarded because of those errors.

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