Segra Ultimat v1.4



Almost an infinite amount of axle and frame variants with both steer and regular boggie axles on every axle.

Full air ride suspension front to back

Full air ride cab

Openable hatches, doors, cab

Custom automatic transmission logic to simulate a real life counterpart

Custom headlight script to make headlight control better

Paintable rims, both alcoa and steel with custom lug nuts and rings

Paintable frame

Curb lights

New controls to know about:

Front Steer axles increase - T

Front Steer axles decrease - G

Drive axles increase - Shift T

Drive axles decrease - Shift G

Extra axles increase (also increases the axle lift system) - Alt T

Extra axles decrease (also decreases the axle lift system) - Alt G

Low beams Toggle - B

High beams Toggle - Alt B

Changelog V1.4:

Edited config suspension values and alignments

Made cab tilt mechanism stronger to tilt better at inclines

Added limit beams on corner pieces so they dont fold backwards

Tweaked headlights

Fixed off centered right mudflap

Fixed frame and suspension nodeweights being set very high

Added beamdamp to the cab suspension to make it less bouncy



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