FS22 40-60 Ton Excavator Bucket Pack v2.0.0.0


This is the pack of buckets meant for pairing with my 40-60 ton excavator mods. There are plenty of attachments of all varieties included, for all sorts of different tasks.

All buckets also come with TerraFarm (check my terrafarm post on my Itch.io page), and have removable collisions for ease of digging.

Update V2.0 9/16/2023

Added Esco buckets

Added Rockland buckets

Added Cat buckets

Removed old bucket models

Added hard attach


GEM Group Modeling

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Commented on 2023-09-17 15:00:02

Hello dear. Where i Can find thé Volvo straight boom on tour picture?

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Commented on 2023-09-18 05:56:03

PLEASE NOTE: These only attach to the new versions of my machines, you need to re-download the excavator packs to make them attach.

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