FS22 Cat D6T Pack v1.0.0.0


Just a little conversion I thought id share with you all!

This is a conversion/edit of JDL Logging's D6T from FS19, with a few more design options added, and a separate model with narrower tracks and a U blade added.

All credits go to JDL Logging for the dozer model, and credits for the U blade go to 4MR Modding.

NOTE- SimpleIC is required if you want to make the transport signs on the blade visible.

Options include:

Tri shank ripper, dual shank ripper, hitch, or winch


Dealer decals

Accessory options including a shovel and fire extinguisher

I know 4MR has done a very similar D6T already for FS22, however I know there are a lot of people who personally prefer JDL's version, so therefore I thought I would convert it, just because I feel like it's kind of gotten forgotten about to a degree.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!


GEM Group Modeling, JDL Logging, OFGaming, 4MR Modding

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