FS22 Cat D7R v1.0.0.0


Hi everyone!

Today I've got another project of mine that's been converted from FS19 and rebuilt from the ground up!

I thought the FS community could use an older generation large dozer, so I went ahead and converted my D7R from FS19, and did some work to it to make it fit my modern quality standards.

Credits to WMF for the D7R model in FS17, and to FS Miner for the tri shank ripper model.

Features include:

ROPS and window caging

Optional hitch, tri-shank ripper, or winch

Selectable standard or anti-glare paint

Option for GPS pods

along with all the stock features of a normal FS dozer!

Please leave your feedback, and as always, enjoy the mod!


GEM Group Modeling, WMF, FS Miner

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