Niedersachsen 22 v1.3.1


Lower Saxony 22

Version 1.3.1
Moin Same version as 1.3.0 only with sidewalk collision

The wait was worth it, now it's here, the Lower Saxony 22.
It is a complete rebuild of the map.
There are 180 fields, 17 flat areas where you can build your farms, plus 8 biogas plants with a decent bunker capacity, 31 forest areas that can be bought.
Visually, a lot has happened compared to the LS19.
You also have a number of options in landscaping, many times bare textures, bushes, flowers and grasses, and of course all the trees that exist too.
There are also some converted devices adapted to the map, e.g. B. a rock picker.
As a new farmer you also have a starting farm that is not available in the other game modes.
This map is a quad map covering 16.7 square kilometers.
To answer some questions now:
Pedestrian and new PDA coming soon.
Inside the map ZIP is a folder called optional growth, one with the original file and one with the modified one.
Simply copy the content to the XML folder as you wish, Growth Standard is currently installed.
When modifying growth, please make sure that you proceed as follows in the settings:
Seasonal Growth OFF
days per month ONE
visual seasons best month June or July
Snow OFF
This map does not require any other mods
So the team from NDS-Modding & Palatinate Lets Play wish you a lot of fun.
If you find errors, please be factual and friendly!



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Commented on 2022-03-30 02:02:34

would have been a nice map if it was flat too many hills in map should have been a big flat map

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Commented on 2022-03-30 11:51:17

Very nice map and perfect topography is also nice work, thank you.

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Commented on 2022-03-31 22:43:53

Looks like oxey's got competition

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