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UDLX grants player luck v1.0

World of tanks

Simple UDLX= Luck UDLX + Wings = 2x the luck UDLX + Wings + T...

Star Wars Crew Beta

World of tanks

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while, but today, I have fo...

Spartan Crew v2.0

World of tanks

This is a large update to my spartan crew, cause after all they ...

Spartan Crew beta

World of tanks

If you where to have a crew in world of tanks what would they be...

ModDog v1.6.1.3

World of tanks

ModDog is a large collection of mods from World of Tanks. We ai...

Battle Assistant v2.2.3

World of tanks

Battle Assistant: the fashion / modification slightly changes th...

FDMOD v1.6.1.3

World of tanks

I successfully updated this package from wot 7.2, the goal was t...

Golden 110 v1.0

World of tanks

GOLDEN 110 SKIN BY MARINEMODSCZ Version: 1.0 Game: World of Ta...